How To Transfer Coin 8 Ball Pool Android To Friends

Who does not know a billiard game called 8 Ball Pool? Yep, legendary game made by MiniClip is first popular on Facebook. The number of players was fantastic, ie more than 50 million people from all over the world.

Unlike most billiard games you used to play before, 8 Ball Pool has excellent gameplay that makes the players fall in love. In this game you are not only against players from all over the world alone, you can also invite your friends to compete in the billiard table.

Interestingly in this online billiard game, you are given a number of coins up to a daily bonus that you can take for free. Advantages? You can use your coins to compete with other players in certain bets.

What if your coin is running out? Relax, you can ask him to your friends by transferring them directly in one table. Curious about how? Let’s refer to the following reviews.

Step 1 # Add Unique ID to your Friend

Open your 8 Ball Pool game via HP android as usual.
If you are already in the game, tap the Play With Friends menu.

After that tap Added Unique ID to add your friend.

Then a bar will appear that requires you to enter your friend’s Unique ID. To find out, you can see the Unique ID through the Profile menu.

After successfully added, ask your friend to directly receive it.

Step 2 # How To Transfer A Coin 8 Ball Pool To A Friend

To be able to transfer 8 Ball Pool coins to your friends, you need 2 smartphone devices, be it Android or iPhone. Coin transfer is not done instantly through certain features. Where you have to do it manually by playing in one table.

With a note, you must play with pretend to lose until the black ball into the hole. When playing in a table with the transfer account and who wants to transfer, do not ever cheat by way out or out of the game for faster. Because the risk of banned would be very likely.

Therefore, here the transferor’s role must relax the game by pretending to lose until the transferred account inserts a black ball and gets the victory.



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